How can a virtual assistant or an online assistant help you?

Once upon a time, when we heard the term “virtual assistant,” we thought of someone who did data entry and provided an answering service. These days, online assistance is so much more. You’ll find that so called “virtual assistants” are a combination of professions in one person or one agency.

For example, some virtual assistants not only manage your calendar, email and appointments but they are also highly skilled graphic designers, web developers, freelance writers, editors and social media managers. Some of us are a combination of those.

Why hire me? What are the benefits of an online assistant?

  • You get a variety of services without having to hire several people
    • Content writing, document formatting, email inbox management, email marketing, client screening, customer service, social media management, blog formatting, Word Press management and more.
  • If you aren’t ready to hire an employee whether part-time or full-time, you can hire an online assistant for a certain amount of hours per month.
  • No room or office space for an employee? An online assistant can do pretty much everything you need done that doesn’t require them to be there personally.
  • Less expensive than employees. No taxes, insurance or other benefits to worry about.
  • Pay as you go. When your budget is limited, it’s nice to be able to pay for what you need as your business grows.

You’ll find a list  of services you can take advantage of when you hire me over on the Services page.

You can purchase a package of hours and select which services you need in those hours. Don’t worry, I’ve also got a “trial package” for people who are just getting used to the idea of using an online assistant and want to try it out. You can find the packages listed on the Rates page.

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