Specialized Virtual Assistant

What is a “specialized” virtual assistant?

I work with online entrepreneurs and small business owners who have a passion to build something big. Sometimes, that is a product or line of products. It can also be an Internet community offering courses or a membership site with a ton of resources and digital products.


  • I’ve been a part of building Internet communities, setting up online memberships and generating lead conversion for over 15 years. I know what it takes to build a six-figure business online. I understand the drive and passion behind the goals. 


  • I offer years of experience writing content that reaches the heart of your audience. I understand how to address your customers’ objections through email, blog or website content before they ever voice them.


  • I get it when you say you need a virtual assistant but you’d also like one with the posture and experience of a successful entrepreneur. Because having someone who really “gets you” while you’re building your personal empire is a HUGE leg up.


  • You get a variety of services without having to hire several people


  • Content writing, document formatting, email inbox management, email marketing, client screening, customer service, social media management, blog formatting, Word Press management and more.

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You’ll find a list  of services you can take advantage of when you hire me over on the Services page.

You can purchase a package of hours and select which services you need in those hours. Don’t worry, I’ve also got a “trial package” for people who are just getting used to the idea of using an online assistant and want to try it out. You can find the packages listed on the Rates page.

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